Migration and Home Affairs

Latin America and the Caribbean

The EU and the Community of Latin America and the Caribbean States (CELAC) are natural allies, linked by strong historical, cultural and economic ties which led to the establishment in 1999, at the first ever bi-regional Summit in Rio de Janeiro, of a strategic partnership. Cooperation on home affairs related issues, in particular on migration and mobility is a key element of this bi-regional partnership and as such is identified in the EU-CELAC Action Plan.

A comprehensive regional dialogue on migration

Cooperation on migration issues between the EU and the Latin America and the Caribbean States takes place in the framework of the EU-CELAC Structured and Comprehensive Dialogue on Migration, launched in June 2009. The European Commission attaches great importance to this dialogue as it is the only forum where both regions can discuss migration and mobility matters.   It is supported by the project "Strengthening the dialogue and cooperation between the EU and LAC to establish management models on migration and development policies",funded by the EU.

Bilateral cooperation

In addition, the EU has concluded Strategic Partnerships with Mexico and Brazil which foresee cooperation on security and migration related issues both in multilateral fora and at bilateral level.

In the context of the Strategic Partnership with Mexico, a security dialogue has been established. The dialogue was created by the EU-Mexico Joint Executive Plan (JEP) adopted at the Santander EU-Mexico Summit in May 2010 and launched on 15 July 2011 in Brussels.