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Industry for Security

The security industry in the EU generates a turnover of close to € 200 billion, and creates employment for 4.7 million persons.

European companies are still among the world leaders in the majority of the segments of the security sector. The growing international competition and recent market evolutions do however indicate that the global market shares of European companies could drop significantly over the next years if no action is launched to enhance the competitiveness of the EU security industry.

In order to ensure the market leading position of EU companies over the years to come, the Commission has decided to act and initiate a series of actions, which will enable the EU industry to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Policy measures

  • The first priority will be to overcome the fragmentation of the EU security markets through the harmonisation of standards and certification procedures for security technologies. The first sector which will be targeted by the Commission for its high potential is: airport screening equipment.
  • The Commission will use novel funding schemes, such as Pre-Commercial Procurement in Horizon 2020 to reduce the gap between research and market. 
  • The societal acceptance of security technologies will be promoted through the introduction of the "privacy by design" and "privacy by default" concepts throughout the development of new security technologies.
  • Finally, in times of financial constraints, an emphasis should be given to a better exploitation of synergies between civilian and defence orientated research. Such synergies will under no circumstances compromise the civilian nature of security research.



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