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Success stories

Netherlands – Austria - Germany

Two foreign fighters from the Netherlands were detected and checked in Austria thanks to a specific check alert in the SIS. After receiving the hit from Austria the Dutch prosecutor issued a European Arrest Warrant for both persons. The two suspects could quickly be arrested in Germany following a check on their vehicle for which also an SIS alert was issued.

Czech Republic – Germany

During a random check on a car with a German licence plate, a 3-year old girl missing in Germany was found by the Czech Police on a motor way service area in the direction of Prague. When checking the passengers' travel documents in the SIS it turned out that the child was in fact subject to a German Court order restricting her movements to German territory and was actually being searched for by the German Police. The two adults declaring to be the grandparents of the child were not in a position to prove such a relationship. The child was temporarily placed in secure accommodation. Following the contacts made between the Czech and German Police, she was eventually handed over to the German authorities.

Source: http://www.novinky.cz/krimi/353783-policiste-z-d1-objevili-dite-hledane-v-nemecku.html

Netherlands - Germany

Thanks to efficient SIRENE cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany a foreign fighter returning to the Netherlands through Turkey and Germany could immediately be stopped for questioning upon his arrival at Schiphol Airport.

Czech Republic – Germany

A stolen aeroplane, registered in the Czech Republic, was retrieved in Germany thanks to the entry of an alert in the SIS.

Source: tn.nova.cz

Czech Republic – Slovakia

A patient, capable of causing harm to others, escaped from a psychiatric hospital. He was found in Slovakia less than 24 hours after his disappearance thanks to an alert in the SIS and intensive cooperation between the respective SIRENE Bureaux.

Source: www.novinky.cz

Austria – Hungary

A 17-year old Russian citizen was reported in Austria as missing. Due to a missing person alert in the SIS the border guards in Hungary found her in a car heading to Romania with three Romanian citizens. She was placed under protection and the abductors were arrested.

Source: www.police.hu

The Netherlands – Hungary

A 16-year old Dutch citizen was stopped at the Hungarian-Romanian border on her way to Syria due to an SIS alert. She was placed under protection and transferred to the Netherlands.

Source: www.index.hu


The border guards apprehended 28 illegal migrants on 11 January 2015 close to the Hungarian-Serbian border on Hungarian territory. There was a refusal of entry alert in the SIS on three Albanian and one Kosovo citizen. All persons launched asylum applications and they were transferred to the immigration authorities.

Source: www.police.hu