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Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism Working Group (RAN RVT)


Victims of terrorism (both people who have been targets of an attack and those who have lost a relative) are involuntary experts on the harm that violent extremism causes to humankind.

The RAN RVT Working Group's chief objective is to maintain the network of organisations of victims of terrorism and to organise remembrance ceremonies each year on 11 March, the European Day of Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism.

Furthermore, RAN RVT will transmit the voices of the victims of terrorism as part of prevention efforts to counter radicalisation.


This handbook is a compilation of experiences shared during the RAN VVT meetings held from 2012 to 2015. All victims, victim organisations, practitioners and experts present at these meetings contributed to this handbook.

Handbook: Voices of victims of terrorism (also available in: Albanian | Macedonian | Serbian.)


Tomas Frága’s testimony – a second chance to live
RAN met Tomas Frága, a survivor of the 2005 terrorist attack in Sharm el-Sheik. He has made a conscious decision not to be defined by what happened to him on that day.


After RAN activities and Working Group meetings, an ex-post paper highlights lessons learned, insights and follow-up initiatives.

RAN RVT Delivering Effective Testimonials, Amsterdam 20-21 September 2018 (also available in French and German)

RAN RVT Checklist Shaping your testimonial, Amsterdam 20-21 September 2018 (also available in French and German)

RAN RVT & RAN EDU Building resilience in the classroom using testimonials from victims and formers, Madrid 24-25 May 2018

Enhancing the resilience of victims after terrorist attacks, March 2018 (also available in French and German).

RAN RVT ‘The power of victims of terrorism: how to give support’, Berlin 12-13 September 2017


Working Group leaders:

  • Cat Wilkinson, UK
  • María Lozano, Spain

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