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Local authorities Working Group (RAN LOCAL)


It is at the local level that prevention and early detection of radicalisation is most effective. The RAN LOCAL Working Group is tasked with bringing together the local authorities in charge of coordinating practitioners at their local level and organising their multi-agency work and structures. They are crucial to linking NGOs, civil society, schools and police on the one side, and the national government on the other.

The Working Group will collect, compare and share different existing models for organising local preventive approaches.


RAN Policy & Practice (Berlin): Engaging with communities


Podcast — Meet a RAN Practitioner #4 — Sean Arbuthnot, Local Prevent Coordinator

Podcast — Meet a RAN practitioner #3 — Anissa Akhandaf, Programme Manager Deradicalisation

Podcast — Meet a RAN practitioner #2 — Eric Poinsot, Project Coordinator


After RAN activities and Working Group meetings, an ex-post paper highlights lessons learned, insights and follow-up initiatives.

RAN LOCAL Local-level management of far-right extremism, Rotterdam 23-24 January 2019 (also available in French and German)

RAN LOCAL Tabletop exercises: Practicing multi-agency cooperation, Dublin 07-08 November 2018 (also available in French and German)

RAN Policy and Practice Engaging with communities in P/CVE, Berlin 28 September 2018 (also available in French and German)

RAN LOCAL How to get sustainable political support for your local P/CVE strategy, Berlin 27 September 2018 (also available in French and German)

RAN LOCAL What can we learn from adjacent phenomena? Lisbon 15-16 May 2018 (also available in French and German)

RAN LOCAL and YF&C Collaboration between local authorities and communities in Preventing Violent Extremism, Prague 22-23 February 2018 (also available in French and German)

RAN LOCAL The right training programme – preventing & countering radicalisation & violent extremism, Berlin 07-08 December 2017

RAN LOCAL Local Action Plan Academy, Barcelona 04-05 October 2017

RAN LOCAL Cooperation between local authorities and schools in multi-agency interventions and the prevention of radicalisation, The Hague 22-23 February 2017

RAN LOCAL How to cooperate with religious organisations and communities, Brussels 08 December 2016

RAN LOCAL What projects and initiatives should be supported by local authorities? Athens, 23-24 May 2016

RAN LOCAL 'How to create local networks?' kick-off meeting, Rotterdam 22-23 February 2016


Working Group leaders:

  • Jessika Soors, Belgium
  • Kasper Fisker, Denmark

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