Migration and Home Affairs

EMN Publications

EMN Studies

EMN studies provide a comparative analysis of topics of immediate interest to policymakers and other stakeholders related to migration and asylum in the EU. Policy relevant study topics are selected from proposals made by individual or groups of EMN NCPs and/ or the European Commission. The selection is based on their relevance to current policy priorities in the Member States and Norway and to the work of the European Commission and its agencies. The Steering Board reviews and formally approves the selection of topics within the context of the annual EMN Work Programme.

Country Fact Sheets

The EMN Country Factsheets provide a succinct summary of the main developments in the year in all Member States and Norway. An overview of the most recent migration and international protection-related statistics is presented.

EMN Informs

EMN Informs provide succinct, key findings and messages to policymakers on a specific topic, based on the results of information gathered and analysed by the EMN, for example, from reports and studies, or from ad-hoc queries.

Annual Reports on Migration and Asylum

Annual Reports on Immigration and Asylum outline the most significant political and legislative developments and debates in Member States and Norway and the European Union in the year. The reports provide a unique overview of immigration and asylum-related developments.