Migration and Home Affairs

EMN National Contact Points

EMN National Contact Points (EMN NCPs) were established in each Member State plus Norway and they are responsible for the coordination of the EMN at national level. Each EMN NCP co-ordinates a national network of relevant stakeholder organisations with expertise in migration and asylum from a wide stakeholder group, e.g. from government, (academic) research community, and NGOs. The national networks aim to secure a close exchange of information with policymakers at the national level, to better understand their information needs, and to enhance the EMN’s role in responding quickly to such needs, in appropriate formats.

In each Member State, an EMN NCP consists of at least three experts either from the same entity or from different entities. In the latter case, one entity acts as the national coordinator and, in such cases, it is their details which are given overleaf. You may contact the relevant EMN NCP for your Member State via these contact details.