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Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSF)

The involvement of civil society, in particular non-governmental organisations (NGOs), is one of the cornerstones of European drugs policy.

The Commission has created a specific consultative body, the Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSFD), which supports policy formulation and implementation through practical advice. Its constituency changes every 3 years with the possibility of new candidates (it runs currently from 2018 to 2020). The Forum has 45 members (PDF), representing different stakeholders and different policy options. The members of the CSFD have drug-related activities as the core focus of their agenda, covering different aspects (e.g. treatment, prevention, social reintegration). Most of them are established in the form of transnational networks covering a number of eligible countries. Both the geographical balance and the balance between different areas of activities in the drugs field are ensured by the network.

The CSFD is chaired by the European Commission, which finances and organises its meetings, usually once a year, and ensures continuity of its work.

Since its establishment, the Civil Society Forum on Drugs has produced several reports of their activity, which can be found on the CSFD's website .