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Evaluation of Council Directive 2008/114 of 8 December 2008 on the identification and designation of European critical infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection

Date of roadmap: 13/03/2018

Directive 2008/114 establishes a procedure for identifying and designating European Critical Infrastructures (ECI) in the transport and energy sectors that, were they to be disrupted or destroyed through terrorism or some other contingency, would have significant cross-border impacts. The Directive also provides a common approach for assessing the need to improve the protection of designated ECI. The Directive is one pillar in the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP).

The Directive calls for Member States to designate ECI through agreement with those Member States that may be significantly affected in the event of disruption. Owners/operators of designated ECI are obligated to prepare Operator Security Plans (OSPs), which shall be used to identify particularly crucial elements of the ECI as well as security solutions that exist or that should be implemented for their protection. The Directive also stipulates that Security Liaison Officers (SLOs) be designated for each ECI. These individuals shall function as points of contact between ECI owners/operators and competent authorities at the Member State level on security-related issues.

The purpose of the evaluation at hand is to provide the Commission with a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of Directive 2008/114 since it was introduced in 2008 up to the present day. Specifically, the evaluation will assess the scope and content of the Directive, as well as how and to what extent the Directive has been implemented at both the Member State and European levels.

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The Roadmap published in March 2018 serves to inform stakeholders and citizens about how the Commission intends to carry out the evaluation of the Directive.

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The Consultation Strategy (PDF) outlines the consultation objectives, maps the relevant stakeholders and explains which consultation methods and tools the European Commission is currently considering in carrying out the evaluation. Please note that this document is a planning document provided for information only and does not commit the European Commission (or the external Contractor that will carry out the evaluation) to any specific consultative path.

An Open Public Consultation will be carried out as part of the evaluation via the Commission's public consultation page. The public consultation will be launched during the fall and will remain open for a period of 12 weeks. A link to the Open Public Consultation will be provided here at the launch of the consultation period.

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