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Monday, 17 June, 2013
Consultation on a common approach to reducing the harm caused by criminal use of firearms in the EU.

Policy field(s)

Home Affairs

Target group(s)

All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute. Contributions are sought from persons, Member States, EU Institutions, local, regional and national authorities, candidate countries, third countries, international organisations, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, social partners, civil society and economic stakeholders.

Period of consultation

From 25 March to 17 June 2013

Objective of the consultation

The aim of the consultation is to collect opinions about action needed at EU level to reduce the threat of firearms to people living in the EU. Responses to this questionnaire will inform a communication which the Commission is preparing for adoption later this year, as well as possible future legislative and other initiatives.  

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Results of consultation

Report on European Commission public consultation on EU firearms policy

Contact details

Responsible service: Directorate-General for Home Affairs, Task Force on Firearms

E-mail: HOME-FIREARMS-SECURITY@ec.europa.eu

Postal address:

Task Force on Firearms
Directorate-General for Home Affairs
European Commission
B - 1049 Brussels