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Saturday, 28 January, 2006
Green Paper on the Future of the European Migration Network (EMN)

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Justice and Home Affairs

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All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation.

Period of consultation

To 28 January 2006

Objective of the consultation

The Commission has adopted a Green Paper `On the future of the European Migration Network´. The European Migration Network (EMN) was set up in 2002 in response to the need to improve the collection and exchange of information on all aspects of migration and asylum. As the preparatory phase draws to a close in 2006 it is necessary to reflect on the best way forward. The Green Paper shall contribute to that reflection by stimulating a public debate on what its future mandate should be, including objectives, concrete tasks, relations with stakeholders and the best structure in order to achieve these, taking into account the experiences made during the first 3-years. The Commission will incorporate the findings of this public consultation in its proposal for a legal basis for a future EMN to be adopted by the end of 2006.

How to submit your contribution

Responses to the Green Paper should be sent electronically by 28 January 2006 to the following e-mail address: jls-migration-network@ec.europa.eu.

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Responsible service: Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security

E-mail: jls-migration-network@ec.europa.eu

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