Migration and Home Affairs

Participation of Ireland in the EU relocation scheme

The Commission has today confirmed the full participation of Ireland in the EU relocation scheme. In line with its 'opt in' under the Lisbon Treaty, Ireland notified the Commission on 6 October of its wish to participate in both Council Decisions on relocation and to relocate applicants for international protection from Italy and Greece. In accordance with the Treaty provisions, the Commission on 16 December 2015 confirmed Ireland's participation in the Council Decision of 14 September to relocate 40 000 applicants for international protection. Today it confirmed that the Council Decision of 22 September 2015 on the relocation of another 120 000 applicants now also applies to Ireland. The Relocation Scheme is accessible to persons who arrive on the territory of Italy and Greece from 15 August 2015 until 16 September 2017, from nationalities whose average asylum acceptance rate is over 75%.

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Tuesday, 1 March, 2016