Migration and Home Affairs

Draft Action Plan: EU-Turkey cooperation on Support of refugees and Migration management

Tuesday, 6 October, 2015

The EU and the Republic of Turkey have agreed to step up their cooperation on support of refugees and migration management to address the unprecedented refugee crisis.

The implementation of the Action Plan will allow the EU and Turkey to:

Under Part I of the action plan:

  • Cover further emergency needs by providing immediate humanitarian assistance to the refugees;
  • Alleviate the burden undertaken by the Turkish society to host more than 2.2 million refugees;
  • Create better living conditions and medium and long-term perspectives for the refugees in Turkey; and
  • Address key factors that push the refugees to move from Turkey to the EU through irregular channels in search of alternative places of asylum.

Under Part 2 of the Action Plan:

  • Prevent further arrivals of irregular migrants to Turkey and irregular departures of refugees and migrants from Turkey to the EU;
  • Prevent losses of lives at sea by intensified search and rescue operations;
  • Step up the fight against criminal networks involved in the smuggling of migrants; and
  • Ensure prompt return to the point of origin of irregular migrants who are not in need of international protection and who were apprehended by the law enforcement agencies of the EU Member States or Turkey and support the reintegration of returnees to the countries of origin.

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