Migration and Home Affairs

Counter radicalisation collection of practices

Tuesday, 1 September, 2015

Fighting terrorism and violent extremism is not only a question of security measures. The best prevention is to stop people from getting involved in violent extremist or terrorist activities in the first place, or to convince them to turn away from such ideas and methods.

In a new section of the EU Home Affairs website, the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) presents a collection of approaches and practices in training support, exit strategies, communities, education, family support, alternative narratives and infrastructure to counter violent extremism.

The Collection is a practical, evolving and growing tool, where practitioners, first liners and policy makers may:

•             draw inspiration,

•             find examples adaptable to their local/specific context, and

•             identify counterparts to exchange on prevention experiences.

As a work in progress, the RAN Collection will continuously be adjusted and enhanced with new practices from EU/EEA Member States.

RAN Collection of Approaches and Practices