Migration and Home Affairs

Report: Global Approach to Migration and Mobility – two years on

Friday, 21 February, 2014

In a report adopted today the Commission looks at the main developments of the EU's external migration policy in 2012 and 2013: while important steps have been taken to strengthen the dialogues and cooperation with non-EU partner countries, more can be done to bring about real change.

Efforts to address the realities of an increasing international mobility must match the needs and priorities of all stakeholders. This requires a better use of existing tools and stronger participation of EU Member States where possible.

The Mobility Partnerships have proved useful tools to address migration and asylum issues in a mutually beneficial way. So far, they have been concluded with Moldova (2008), Cape Verde (2008), Georgia (2009), Armenia (2011), Morocco (2013) and Azerbaijan (2013).  Signature of the Mobility Partnership with Tunisia is imminent. Furthermore, discussions have begun with Jordan (December 2013).

Altogether, in the period 2012-2013, the Commission has supported more than 90 migration-related projects with more than €200 million in all regions of the developing world. In addition, EU Member States have invested further financial resources to the implementation of the GAMM.

The report also discusses the future opportunities to take the GAMM to the next level, focusing on the issues of labour migration, short-term visas, preventing and combating irregular migration and protection of refugees and human rights as well as improving resettlement activities.

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