Migration and Home Affairs

Concrete actions to better address migration flows and prevent loss of life in the Mediterranean

Today the Commission is proposing ways to increase solidarity and mutual support in order to prevent migrants' death in the Mediterranean.

Actions proposed are the result of the work carried out by the Commission chaired Task-Force for the Mediterranean, with the aim to bolster EU's policies and tools in the short term.

The Task-Force identified concrete actions in five main areas. They include: stronger support to those seeking international protection; additional assistance to those Member States facing the greatest pressure; reinforced cooperation with key third countries; incentives for additional channels of legal migration and alternative avenues to Europe

For more information:

  • IP/13/1199: Lampedusa follow up: concrete actions to prevent loss of life in the Mediterranean and better address migratory and asylum flows
  • COM(2013) 869: Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on the work of the Task Force Mediterranean
Wednesday, 4 December, 2013