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EUCPN report: helping to prevent crime across Europe

The EUCPN is an EU-wide platform for exchanging best practices, research and information on how to prevent crime paying particular attention to juvenile, urban and drug-related crimes. Since 2001, the EUCPN has helped law enforcement officials, social and youth workers, healthcare professionals, teachers and academics, as well as policy makers at EU and national levels.

Today's Commission report shows that the EUCPN has been performing well over the last two and a half years. There is however scope for further improvements of the network. For instance, the EUCPN should target its products (thematic papers, reports, studies etc.) more at what people working with crime prevention need the most. The report also recommends the EUCPN to build closer relationships with EUROSTAT, the European Police College, CEPOL, and the European Police Office, EUROPOL.

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Friday, 30 November, 2012