Migration and Home Affairs

Migration in 2011

The Commission published today its report on last year's developments in the area of immigration and asylum. Several important events and policy developments in the field took place in 2011. The economic downturn, the consequences of the Arab Spring and the pressures on the Schengen area have all put EU solidarity and mutual trust to the test. The third Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum highlights efforts at both EU and national level to tackle together these challenges.

The Commission also published a Eurobarometer survey, carried out in the 27 EU Member States in December 2011. It gives an overview of European citizens' awareness and attitudes towards issues such as cross-border mobility, migration and security. In particular, results show that only one third of Europeans think that discussion about migration in the EU is based on reliable information. The Commission report published today should help to close the information gap.

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Friday, 1 June, 2012