Migration and Home Affairs

A new impetus to the EU external migration policy: the Global approach to Migration and Mobility

The Global Approach is to be regarded as the overarching framework for the EU external migration policy, complementary to the EU foreign policy and development cooperation. It addresses challenges in four areas: organizing and facilitating legal migration and mobility, preventing and reducing irregular migration and trafficking in human beings, promoting international protection and asylum and maximising the development impact of migration and mobility. The new orientations proposed by the Commission will strengthen the dialogue and cooperation with non-EU partner countries, and contribute better to the EU prosperity, taking into account the evolving demographic and economic changes the EU is confronted with. They will also favour a more migrant-centered approach, empowering migrants and contributing to strengthen their right in countries of origin, transit and destination.

For more information:

  • IP/11/1369: Stronger cooperation and mobility at the centre of the renewed EU migration strategy
  • MEMO/11/800: Frequently Asked Questions: Fostering strategic dialogue and partnership with non-EU countries
  • MEMO/11/801: Cooperation with non-EU countries in the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility
  • COM(2011) 743 final [184 KB]: The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility
  • SEC(2011) 1353 final: Migration and Development
Friday, 18 November, 2011