Migration and Home Affairs

New Radicalisation Awareness Network

Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Home Affairs, has inaugurated today in Brussels the Radicalisation Awareness Network connecting key groups of people involved in countering violent radicalisation across the EU. Researchers, social workers, religious leaders, youth leaders, policemen, and others who work on the ground in vulnerable communities will be able to exchange ideas and experiences, in particular on how to challenge terrorist narratives and recruitment. They will have the opportunity to pool experiences, knowledge and lessons learnt to enhance awareness of radicalisation and communication techniques and encourage credible opinion leaders to voice positive messages offering alternatives to terrorist narratives. The network should also contribute to the policy process at national and European level, in particular on various aspects of the EU Strategy for combating radicalisation and recruitment.

The launch has been followed by a first working session of the network. The network will be supported by an online forum and EU-wide conferences.

For more information:

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Friday, 9 September, 2011