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Integration of Migrants: no talents to waste

The Commission adopted a 'European Agenda for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals' to enhance the economic, social and cultural benefits of migration in Europe. In 2010, 20.1 million people living in the EU were citizens from a non-EU country (4% of the total population). If well managed, the diversity brought by migrants can be a competitive advantage and a source of dynamism for the European economies. An effective integration process should ensure that migrants enjoy the same rights and have the same responsibilities as EU citizens. The new Agenda for integration will develop new mechanisms and tools to support integration policies and practices in Member States, including through better coordination and knowledge exchange at European level.

At the same time, the main conclusions of the first ever Eurobarometer on Integration were also published. Conducted in spring of this year, this qualitative survey highlights the views of EU citizens and migrants on integration.

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Wednesday, 20 July, 2011