Migration and Home Affairs

Pledging conference on relocation and resetllement: Commission calls for solidarity

Today, the Commission took the initiative to gather the Member States Home Affairs Ministers, in a pledging conference on relocation and resettlement. The implementation of the EU relocation pilot project with Malta has been ongoing for more than a year and it has been a success in demonstrating concrete intra-EU solidarity by the relocation of refugees present in Malta to other Member States. In April, the Council adopted conclusions on solidarity, where it reaffirmed the need for solidarity towards Member States most directly concerned by migratory movements and welcomed the Commission's intention to extend the existing pilot project for the relocation of refugees from Malta. Several Member States have announced their intention to participate in this project. In its conclusions, the Council also requested the Commission to facilitate resettlement activities undertaken on a voluntary basis by the Member States, also by means of financial support. Member States are expected to discuss and review their commitments and pledges on the relocation of persons who are beneficiaries of international protection present in Malta and on the resettlement of stranded refugees in North Africa. The confirmation of their commitment in this field would demonstrate the concrete solidarity the EU and its Member States are willing to show in times of need, both internally with its own Member States and to its international partners. The Commission is ready to provide funding for the extension of the pilot project of relocation from Malta, as well as for resettlement from North Africa undertaken on a voluntary basis by Member States.

For more information:

  • MEMO/11/295: Statement by Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner in charge of Home Affairs, on the results of the Ministerial Pledging Conference 12 May
Thursday, 12 May, 2011