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Commissioner Malmström announces intention to amend Data Retention Directive

A conference about the Data Retention Directive today was the last step before the Commission publishes its evaluation of the directive. In her speech, EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström made clear that the Directive will be changed: "I am convinced that data retention is here to stay. Access to telecommunications data is, at least in some cases, the only way of detecting and prosecuting serious crime. But most, perhaps all, of us would agree that the Data Retention Directive leaves room for improvement. I therefore intend to prepare a proposal to amend the Directive."

Cecilia Malmström emphasized that the Directive should be improved in a full and open public debate. The purpose and the scope of data retention should be limited to what is necessary, and the Directive should contain all necessary safeguards to protect against abuse. The ongoing evaluation of the Directive will be presented in Spring 2011, with the aim to come up with a well-prepared proposal to amend the Directive as soon as the procedures allow.

The full speech can be found here.

Friday, 3 December, 2010