Migration and Home Affairs

Busy day in Stockholm

EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström was in Stockholm today to meet with representatives of the new Swedish government. The ongoing negotiations towards a common European asylum and migration policy were among the issues on the agenda when she met with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Minister for EU Affairs Birgitta Ohlsson and Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag.

Cecilia Malmström also participated in the conference Internetdagarna, where she spoke about the importance of cooperation between EU institutions and Member States in fighting cyber crime.

"We are witnessing a rapidly growing trend where more and more crimes are committed by using the Internet. This is the case for theft of credit card details, but also for a new type of crime where the Internet is being used for large scale attacks", said Cecilia Malmström in her speech. She underlined that cyber crime must become a natural part of the EU's work against organised crime, just as trafficking in human beings, drug smuggling and illegal weapons trade.

"In a few weeks, I will present an internal security strategy for the EU, where cyber crime is included. As EU Commissioner, it is my task to view cyber criminality in a broader perspective so that it becomes clear what damages it can lead to", said Cecilia Malmström.

Cecilia Malmström's speech in full (in Swedish).

Tuesday, 26 October, 2010