Migration and Home Affairs

Principles for use of PNR data adopted

An increasing number of countries use Passenger Name Record data in the fight against serious transnational crime and terrorism. Today, the European Commission adopted a package that sets out the general principles that any PNR agreement with a third country should be based on.

"PNR data has proven to be an important tool in the fight against serious transnational crime and terrorism, but at the same time, it raises important issues about protection of personal data", said Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs. "The strategy we adopted today includes that use of PNR data must be limited to serious transnational crime and terrorism, that passengers should be given clear information about the exchange of their PNR data and have the right to see it, as well as the right to effective administrative and judical redress."

The package adopted today also includes recommendations for negotiating directives for new PNR agreements with the United States, Australia and Canada.

Read the press release and the background information as well as the Communication from the Commission.

Tuesday, 21 September, 2010