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EU rules against home-made explosives

The bomb attacks in the London public transport in July 2005 were carried out using homemade explosives based on hydrogen-peroxide. In recent years, several planned attacks with similar explosives have been stopped in time. EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström today proposes EU rules in order to limit access to dangerous chemicals that can be misused to produce home-made explosives.

The proposal that Cecilia Malmström puts forward today means that the producers must keep the concentration on an agreed EU level, but also that very large purchases of products containing these chemicals should be controlled.

While several legislative and non-legislative measures exist in EU Member States, there is no EU-wide control. The purpose of today's proposal is to prevent terrorists from taking advantage of existing differences in security rules among Member States. "Terrorism finds new ways to operate, and we have seen that attacks are planned in one country to be perpetrated in another, but the EU can only be as strong as its weakest link", said Cecilia Malmström when presenting the proposal in Brussels today.

Read the proposal in full and the press release, and get more information on the dangerous chemicals and when they have been used in the past.

Monday, 20 September, 2010