Migration and Home Affairs

Towards a full short-stay visa waiver for European citizens to Brazil

The EU-Brazil visa waiver agreements will give reciprocal access to visa-free travel for all Brazilian and EU citizens, including the nationals of the four Member States (Malta, Estonia, Cyprus and Latvia) not enjoying visa-free travel to Brazil at present.

The agreement for ordinary passport holders covers travel for the purposes of tourism and business. At the same time it provides that the bilateral agreements concluded between Brazil and the Member States including categories not covered by the EU-Brazil agreement continue to apply.

Once the agreements are concluded, all EU citizens will be able to travel visa-free to Brazil, putting an end to the long-lasting non-reciprocity issue between Brazil and four EU Member States. The decisions on signature have to be approved by the Council, which will enable the signature of the two agreements by the contracting parties.

Friday, 6 August, 2010