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Migration and Home Affairs

New Pact on Migration and Asylum

On 23 September 2020, the Commission presented a New Pact on Migration and Asylum, setting out a fairer, more European approach to managing migration and asylum. It aims to put in place a comprehensive and sustainable policy, providing a humane and effective long-term response to the current challenges of irregular migration, developing legal migration pathways, better integrating refugees and other newcomers, and deepening migration partnerships with countries of origin and transit for mutual benefit.

A new governance mechanism will ensure fairer division of responsibilities and effective solidarity between Member States, with national migration management systems increasingly integrated into a European whole.

Building on progress made since 2016, the Pact seeks to build a complete system by providing essential new tools for faster and more integrated procedures, a better management of Schengen and borders and for flexibility and crisis resilience. It also focuses on legal migration and integration.

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European Agenda on Migration 2015-2020

In May 2015, the European Commission presented a comprehensive European Agenda on Migration (PDF), intended to address immediate challenges and equip the EU with the tools to better manage migration in the medium and long term in the areas of irregular migration, borders, asylum and legal migration.

The European Agenda on Migration has guided the EU's response to immediate challenges. Our work now focusses on long-term solutions to equip Europe with future-proof means of managing migration responsibly and fairly.

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