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Migration and Home Affairs

European Migration Forum (EMF)

The European Migration Forum (EMF) is a platform for dialogue between civil society organisations and European Institutions on topics related to immigration, asylum and integration. The Forum meets at least once a year. It is an opportunity for civil society organisations to express their views, exchange ideas and best practices, and discuss challenges and priorities.

Launched in 2009 as an Integration Forum, in 2015 it expanded its scope to cover broader issues related to migration and asylum, in addition to integration issues.

Following an open call, the participants from the civil society sector are selected based on their organisations’ expertise and experience in the chosen topic. The Forum is the result of a cooperation between the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee.


Themes and outcomes of the European Migration Forum meetings

Theme of the 5th meeting (April 2019): From global to local governance of migration: How to ensure safe and regular pathways to the EU.

Themes of the previous meetings of the Forum: