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Migration and Home Affairs

forced migrant


A person subject to a migratory movement in which an element of coercion exists, including threats to life and livelihood, whether arising from natural or man-made causes (e.g. movements of refugees and internally displaced persons as well as people displaced by natural or environmental disasters, chemical or nuclear disasters, famine or development projects).


Derived by EMN from IOM Glossary on Migration, 2nd ed. 2011


  • BG: мигрант по принуда
  • CS: nucený migrant
  • DE: Zwangsmigrant
  • EL: no translation
  • EN: forced migrant
  • ES: migrante forzoso
  • ET: sundsisserändaja (no usual translation)
  • FI: pakkomuuttaja
  • FR: migrant forcé
  • GA: imirceach éigeantais
  • HU: kényszermigráns
  • IT: migrante forzato
  • LT: priverstinis migrantas
  • LV: piespiedu migrants
  • MT: Migrant(a) kostrett(a) / sfurzat(a)
  • NL: gedwongen migrant
  • PL: migrant przymusowy
  • PT: migrante forçado
  • RO: migrant forţat
  • SK: nútený migrant
  • SL: prisilni migrant
  • SV: tvångsmigrant
  • NO: tvungen migrant

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