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BOUNCE resilience tools

Educating young people, Training for first line practitioners
Target Audience:

BOUNCE is coordinated by the Belgian Federal public service of Home Affairs, and was developed in collaboration with Belgian non-profit organisation Arktos.


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Project description:

BOUNCE is a package of three training and awareness-raising tools targeting youngsters and their social environment. The tools were originally developed to facilitate early prevention psycho-physical training for (vulnerable) youngsters, so as to to strengthen their resilience against radical influences as well as raise awareness of these issues in their social environment. In 2018, we chose to broaden the focus, to include the early prevention of risk behaviour in a broader sense.

BOUNCE tools provide youngsters and their environment with the means to manage the challenges they encounter. The three tools (BOUNCE Young, BOUNCE Along and BOUNCE Up ) are interconnected and complementary. BOUNCE builds resilience in youngsters and their networks, allowing them to interact with an aware environment.

BOUNCE Young is a resilience training programme for youngsters. Robust resilience is a proven protective factor in the prevention of risk behaviour, and therefore also of violent radicalisation. In 10 (inter)active group trainings, youngsters train and strengthen different aspects of their resilience. By engaging in a mix of action and reflection, participants consolidate and hone a wide range of skills and competences, linking them to their personal experiences. Youngsters learn to bounce back and bounce up when dealing with challenges. BOUNCE Young training is always carried out alongside BOUNCE Along awareness-raising actions for parents and frontline workers.

BOUNCE Along is an awareness-raising tool for parents and frontline workers. The tool provides tips, insights and practical exercises for adults in the social environment of youngsters. It covers topics such as 'a positive point of view', 'strengthening resilience', 'resilient relations and communication', 'concerns and challenging situations', and 'information and support'. A new, revised version of the tool and training will be published in 2019.

BOUNCE Up is a train-the-trainer tool for frontline workers in the BOUNCE Young resilience training programme and employing the BOUNCE Along awareness-raising tool. By combining both tools, trainers can represent an important supporting figure in the early and positive prevention of risk behaviour. Trainers assist youngsters as well as their social environment, and set up an integrated and integral approach tailored to the needs of the target groups.


The BOUNCE manuals can be downloaded (copyright free) from the project website. They are introduced in a short presentation video. The manuals are:

  1. BOUNCE Young manual: resilience training tool for youngsters with 10 fully developed active group training sessions;
  2. BOUNCE Along manual: awareness-raising tool for parents and frontline workers;
  3. BOUNCE Up manual: train-the-trainer tool for frontline workers.

For our final conference in March 2018, we also published a paper on the state of play of prevention training in Europe ('Evaluating the BOUNCEUp Tool: Research Findings and Policy Implications' ), available online.