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The Redirect Method

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Moonshot CVE is a for-profit social enterprise specialising in countering violent extremism. We design new methodologies and technologies to enhance the capacity of our clients to respond effectively to violent extremism. Moonshot CVE brings fresh thinking and decades of experience from across sectors to push new boundaries. The scope of our work includes software development, digital capacity-building and leading global counter-messaging campaigns.


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The Redirect Method was developed in 2016 by Moonshot CVE in partnership with Google, and is deployed via online platforms such as YouTube. It provides compelling and credible alternative messages to Internet users attracted to extremist content.

It focuses on users engaging with high-risk extremist content, and offers them specially curated video playlists, web content or intervention services. The Redirect Method challenges violent extremist propaganda using both existing video content made by communities worldwide and new content, often created in partnership with local organisations and designed to resonate with the interests of the at-risk audience.

Since the Redirect Method was launched, Moonshot CVE has partnered with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in over 39 countries and over 24 languages, who have deployed it in response to all forms of hate and violence.