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L'objectif de ce webinaire est d'aborder les principaux défis, les idées et les enseignements tirés de la réhabilitation et de la (ré)intégration sociétale des enfants (et de leurs mères) qui retournent dans leur pays, dans une optique de coopération impliquant de multiples intervenants.

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This webinar will be held in English and will take place via WebEx on 02 December 2021 (15.00 – 16.45 CET). The goal of this webinar is to address the key challenges, insights, and lessons learned related to the rehabilitation and societal (re)integration of returning children (and their mothers).

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This year on the European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation we take time to reflect on how to make the circle of trust truly safe for children.

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This is an online meeting that will take place on 01 December 2021.
We are currently looking for interested and suitable participants for the upcoming RAN digital study visit to Helsinki.