Migration and Home Affairs

Meeting of the National Contact Points on Corruption

Monday, 1 October, 2018

On 1 October 2018, as part of its anti-corruption experience sharing programme, DG Migration and Home Affairs held a meeting of its network of national contact points on corruption.  All EU Member States have designated national contact points to facilitate information exchange on anti-corruption policy which together with the experience-sharing programme, launched by the Commission in 2015, encourage national authorities to adopt and implement more effective  measures against corruption.

The meeting was attended by 20 Member State representatives with the welcome and introduction given by DG Home Deputy Director General Olivier Onidi. The meeting focused on the latest developments at EU level in the area of the fight against corruption and included a presentation of a recent DG Home collection of official data on corruption offences. The National Contact points on corruption were also given the opportunity to present key developments in the area of the fight against corruption in their respective Member States. The session was concluded with an overview of the anti-corruption experience sharing programme and future steps. The next experience sharing programme meeting will be held at the end of 2018.