Migration and Home Affairs

Internal Security Fund - Police

Union actions

Part of the ISF Police fund is managed by the Commission (direct and indirect management) through Union Actions, which include Calls for Proposals, Procurement, Direct Awards and Delegation Agreements.

How does it work?

For these actions the Commission approves Annual Work Programmes that define the priorities and objectives for each year, including the priorities for the Calls for Proposals.

Annual work programmes

How to apply?

From June 2016, the application should be done online via a dedicated portal.

Proposals can only be submitted electronically via the Research & Innovation Participant Portal.

The potential beneficiary should register and get a Participant Identification Code (PIC).

A guide for applicants will be provided with each call.

Proposals can only be submitted electronically via the Research & Innovation Participant Portal. The submission guide and all necessary documents can be found on the Participant Portal.

Awarded projects

Expired Calls for Proposals Deadline
Call for proposals on fighting organised property crime (ISFP-2019-AG-OPC) 12/02/2020
Call for proposals for projects on the protection of public spaces (ISFP-2019-AG-PROTECT) 28/11/2019
Call for proposals on better law enforcement in the area of illicit drug trafficking (ISFP-2019-AG-DRUGS) 28/11/2019
Call for proposals restricted to EU Member States to ensure effective use of proportionate police checks in Schengen borders areas 02/05/2019
Call restricted to Member States to support projects on Passenger Information Units (PIUs) interconnectivity 25/04/2019
Call for proposals on preventing and countering violent radicalisation (ISFP-2018-AG-CT-RAD) 19/03/2019
Call for proposals for projects on reinforcing efforts to counter terrorist financing 19/02/2019
Call for proposals for projects on the fight against firearms trafficking 14/02/2019
Call for proposals for projects combating environmental crime 14/02/2019
Call for proposals on the Civil Society Empowerment Programme (CSEP) –campaigns with counter and alternative narrative to radicalisation implemented by Civil society organisations (ISFP-2018-AG-CT-CSEP) 12/02/2019
Call for proposals for projects on the protection of public spaces, Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), explosives and explosives precursors (ISFP-2018-AG-CT-PROTECT) 16/01/2019
Call for proposals aiming to increase law enforcement cooperation to address migrant smuggling 13/09/2018