Migration and Home Affairs

RESTRICTED TO EU MEMBER STATES Schengen Masterlist Border-Control Pilot (HOME/2015/ISFB/AG/MAST)

Deadline:  15/04/2016  12:00 (CET)

Application Package

Application documents have been sent to the responsible authorities within the EU Member States. However, if you consider yourself eligible under this call (as indicated in section 6.1 of the call text) and wish to apply, please contact HOME-ISF@ec.europa.eu.

Applications to this Call for Proposals have to be submitted electronically to the functional mailbox HOME-ISF@ec.europa.eu under the call reference HOME/2015/ISFB/AG/MAST. Applicants are strongly urged not to wait until the last day to apply. It is not possible to submit applications after the deadline.

Friday, 15 April, 2016