Migration and Home Affairs

Information, awareness and prevention of female genital mutilation

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01/01/2011 to 31/12/2011
Unión de Asociaciones Familiares (UNAF)
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Project Description 

Using workshops and an information campaign, UNAF raised awareness of female genital mutilation and worked to prevent its practice, particularly within sub-Saharan immigrant communities.
Professionals working in the field of immigration in Spain have noticed an increasing number of sub-Saharan countries’ nationals belonging to communities practising female genital mutilation. Experience tells them that this practice is more frequently carried out when families visit their communities of origin. Organisations in Spain can however have an impact, in particular ensuring those concerned have access to information on the practice and the dangers involved.
This project raised awareness of the risks of female genital mutilation in all its forms. The programme included preventive work within the immigrant population, especially communities practicing female genital mutilation, such as some communities from sub-Saharan Africa. UNAF provided information on genital mutilation, as well as training and support to professionals working in this sector, and promoted sexual health and respect for sexual and reproductive rights.

Benefits and results 

UNAF hosted 5 preventive workshops, which were attended by 46 immigrants from the target communities. Some 157 professionals participated in 6 professional training courses on prevention from genital mutilation.
An ‘attention and prevention’ guide on female genital mutilation was produced as well as information leaflets in English, French and Spanish. Both the guide and the leaflets were also made available on the UNAF website to reach a broader audience.
The project was able to establish a network of 75 healthcare and social work professionals working together on the subject of genital mutilation.