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Colourful games, multicoloured country

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Project Description 

Non-EU migrants helped present their own culture to some 130 000 people at Hungary’s ‘Children’s Island’, promoting openness among the young and helping to break down stereotypes.
Through a series of events, the ‘Colourful games, multicoloured country’ project provided an insight into the cultures of three prominent non-EU migrant communities in Hungary. The aim was to promote increased openness and prevent stereotypes from intensifying.
The project took place at the popular ‘Children’s Island’ festival and targeted Hungarian children, their parents and all other visitors to the attraction. The organisers recognised that the bridges built by children can represent the first steps towards a wider intercultural dialogue.
Non-EU migrants were involved in the organisation of the events, which included interactive activities, games, toys, and quizzes. The participation of non-EU migrants with strong communication skills also helped facilitate interaction between cultures.

Benefits and results 

The project took place over four weekends. The values, customs, games, and toys of the Chinese, Nigerian and Turkish communities were presented with the help of young migrants to some 130 000 children and parents. Participants learnt about these foreign cultures, their languages, and these migrant communities at large.
Informative brochures were also designed to educate children about different cultures. The ‘Colourful games, multicoloured country’ programme received broad media coverage, reaching some 500 000 people in Hungary.