Migration and Home Affairs

Online courses for immigrants - successful integration into Bulgarian society

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28/01/2011 to 20/06/2011
Association "National Centre for Refugees"
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Project Description 

Over 6 months, 58 online lessons were recorded and 1 000 copies of information booklets printed. The aim? To better educate immigrants on Bulgarian life and to further their integration.
The project helped the integration of non-EU nationals in Bulgaria by providing a range of online courses, such as courses in Bulgarian language, civic orientation, history, traditions and customs. The courses were made available online via a new website that also offered information for immigrants. The information covered the rights and obligations of non-EU nationals in Bulgaria, as well as any legal developments which might affect them.

Benefits and results 

Over the course of the 6 month project, 1 000 copies of information booklets were printed, a web-based platform was built for online courses, and 58 lessons were recorded for online training. Some 30 immigrants benefited from the online courses and from the website.
During the project, feedback from both beneficiaries and experts in the field was received through e-mails and online questionnaires. Having finished an online training module, users were asked to submit opinions and suggestions on how to improve the programme and the feedback received was taken into account.