Migration and Home Affairs

European Financial Coalition against the commercial distribution of child abusive material through information and communication technologies

Project Number 
European Federation for Missing & Sexually Exploited Children (Missing Children Europe)
ISS strategic objective 
Policy Cycle; ISS 3
Project Description 

OBJ.1: Supporting international law enforcement (LE) investigations; wherever possible through cooperation with private stakeholders;
a. Development of a mechanism to support & analyse test purchases, involving payment system providers & MS law enforcement authorities(LEA) able to conduct covert operations, also using, i.a. photo DNA
b. Agreement of an MoU between all members of the EFC incl. a reference to the use of test purchases
c. Implementation & evaluation of the test transactions mechanism
OBJ. 2: Assessing & studying the commercial child sexual exploitation on the Internet through all kinds of Internet environments:
hosting services, newsgroups, etc;
a. Collecting & analyzing quantitative data on the problem of commercial sexual exploitation of children online:
• on the basis of data already collected by other stakeholders;
• by collecting data on the cases dealt with by members of the EFC, using a unified data collection template to be developed.
b. Developing an authoritative landscape describing the current environment:
• 2 updates of the strategic analysis produced by project JLS/2008/ISEC/060;
OBJ.3: Protecting legitimate private business interests from possible misuse of their services perpetrated by criminals with the aim of distributing child sexual abuse content through different information & communication technologies
a. Developing a template for contractual terms of reference for providers of financial or Internet services
OBJ.4: Empowering LE & private companies in counteract the problem through the delivery of trainings & sharing of resources;
a. 1 training book for LEA
b. 1 update of the Best Practice Guide for payment system providers produced by project JLS/2008/ISEC/060
c. Organisation of 2 annual TS on the basis of the outcome of the mentioned strategic assessment;
• Training session for LEA:
- Focusing on legal, technical & operational issues
• Training for payment system providers:
- Sharing of best practice
d. Feedback session to assess implementation & success
OBJ. 5. Informing decision makers & raising awareness among the public about the EFC’s activities;
a. Publication of leaflets on the problem of commercial sexual exploitation of children and on the role of the EFC
b. Setting up & continuous updating of a public website providing information on the EFC (members, events, goals, news, …), a contact form, publications etc
c. Publication of an e-newsletter (3x year) ;
d. Organisation of 2 awareness raising events
• Involving members of the EFC + representatives of national & European agencies & institutions
- Presenting the results of the aforementioned strategic assessment
- Discussion on actions of the EFC & environment with broader stakeholder community
e. Organisation of 2 press conferences + regular press releases / media contacts:, at least:
• at the start of the project
• on the occasion of the second awareness raising event.
OBJ. 6. Liaising with the other EU organizations / initiatives involved in online protection as well as Coalitions from other regions
of the world, so that a complementary, holistic, framework of child protection is developed & can be promoted.
a. Organisation of a meeting between the Steering Group & other networks
b. Regular exchanges between different representatives of regional Coalitions

These objectives will be realised through
1) working groups (WG) in charge of delivering expected results,
2) training sessions (TS) for LE & private sector
3) awareness raising events (ARE) for general audience & experts
The management of the EFC will lie with the Steering Group, chaired by Europol. The day to day coordination will be taken care of by the Secretariat.
DURATION: 36 months
PARTICIPANTS will include representatives from LEA, payment system providers, ISPs & NGOs from across the EU. All participants will be invited to the WG meetings (est. 60 p.), TS (est. 50 p.) & ARE (est. 100 p).