Migration and Home Affairs

Preparatory Action on Emergency Resettlement

The Preparatory Action on Emergency Resettlement (EUR 3 million for 2012) aims to support resettlement actions in emergency situations in the case of groups of persons in need of international protection according to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), who are under armed attack, that have been victims of a natural disaster, or that face other conjunctures of extreme vulnerability and life-threatening nature.

The Preparatory Action complements the existing EU legal and financial framework (European Refugee Fund/ERF) with a view to fill the gaps in the Union resettlement efforts in providing support to resettlement of persons in need of international protection who find themselves in emergency conditions that are not covered by the current ERF i.e. that could not be pledged in advance under the mechanism foreseen for the allocation of the fixed amount for resettlement under the ERF.

UNHCR and national asylum authorities in all EU countries, except for Denmark, can participate in the Preparatory Action on Emergency Resettlement. The Action is entirely managed by the Commission (central direct management) on the basis of an Annual Work Programme and direct award of grants without a call for proposals.