Migration and Home Affairs


Switzerland participates in the following funds/programmes.


Internal Security Fund - Borders

  • Responsible authority

    The responsible authority has not yet been designated

  • Budget

    The basic allocation for Switzerland under this fund is €18.920.284,00.

  • More information on this fund:

    Internal Security Fund - Borders web page


External Borders Fund

  • Responsible authority

    Eidgenössisches Justiz- und Polizeidepartement EJPD Bundesamt für Migration BFM Sektion Europa
    Quellenweg 6, CH-3003 Bern-Wabern

  • Budget

    The allocations for Switzerland under the fund were as follows:

    Year Allocation Year Allocation
    2007 * 2011 €3.053.096,64
    2008 * 2012 €4.299.020,00
    2009 €2.282.112,21 2013 €5.664.961,00
    2010 €2.378.642,46

    (*) The fund did not exist yet or the country didn't participate in it for the given period

    (**) Data is not yet available for the given period

  • More information on this fund:

    External Borders Fund web page