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European Migration Network at the national level

The European Migration Network is an EU network of migration and asylum experts who work together to provide objective, comparable policy-relevant information. The EMN was legally established under Council Decision 2008/381/EC, as amended.

The European Commission (Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs) coordinates the European Migration Network.

National Contact Points (EMN NCPs) are established in all Member States (except Denmark) and Norway. Each EMN NCPs is appointed by the relevant national government. EMN NCPs are located within Ministries of Interior and of Justice, specialised government agencies dealing with migration, research Institutes, non-governmental organisations or national offices of international organisations.

The EMN Steering Board provides strategic guidance on EMN activities. It is chaired by the European Commission and comprised of one representative from all Member States, as well as observers from the European Parliament and Norway.

The European Commission is assisted in its coordination role by service providers.

The EMN gathers objective, policy-relevant, comparable and up-to-date information and knowledge on emerging issues relating to asylum and migration in Europe. We produce reports, studies and policy briefs with analysis of policy and legislative development and implementation. The EMN publishes the latest news in a regular bulletin and maintains a glossary of migration and asylum-related terms.

The EMN responds proactively to the immediate information needs of EU and national-level policymakers with the following products:

The European Migration Network was legally established in 2008 (Council Decision 2008/381/EC) and amended by Regulation (EU) No 516/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council in April 2014.

Finance and budget

The EMN is funded by the European Commission through the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. A bi-annual budget is allocated to support EMN NCPs who are co-financed from national funds.

Work programmes

EMN Work Programme is developed by the EMN and is approved by the European Commission. EMN Work Programmes are available here. EMN publishes Status reports on the progress in implementing EMN Work Programmes. Status reports are available here.

2019-2020 Work Programme

2017-2018 Work Programme

2015-2016 Work Programme

EMN Return Expert Group (REG)

The EMN Return Expert Group functions as a platform for practical cooperation and the sharing of good practice and expertise on return. The EMN REG provides a structure for, planning, follow-up and monitoring of return activities in the EU. The EMN REG connects key stakeholders from Member States, and representatives of EU funded programmes and when appropriate, civil society.

Multi-level network

EMN collaborates with other EU level agencies and institutions and EU funded networks (European Reintegration Network (ERIN) and European Integrated Return Management Initiative (EURINT)) on legal and irregular migration and return.