Youth manifesto

youth manifesto In cooperation with the help campaign, the European Youth Forum has developed a process leading to a European Youth Manifesto against tobacco elaborated and developed by young people from the 25 Member States, involving as many youth organisations as possible in this exercise.

The aim was to give a precise indication of what are young people’s fears, hopes and desires towards a concrete policy on tobacco at the European level, by taking into consideration the 25 different perspectives of the Union on a national level, and by gathering these 25 different statements to create a European youth position on this matter.

As a first part of the process, national consultations were organised by national youth councils. These national consultations have involved many partners. In many countries, Health Ministries and Tobacco Control NGOs played an important role, hosting national conferences and providing technical help to the young people in the drafting of their national manifestos.

The high point of the Youth Manifesto process took place in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, late last May. Close to 200 delegates from the 25 Member States gathered for three days of intense debating, fun, and more debating. The conference was kicked off with an introductory speech by Mr. Robert Madelin, Director General of the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General, and this Manifesto marathon ended with the review of close to 120 amendments, compiled late at night, hotly debated on the final morning, and which left everyone with a feeling of great achievement at having come to a final text. youth manifesto

- The European Youth Manifesto