Health technology assessment

EUNetHTA Joint Actions

The EU promotes cooperation on HTA through its support for EUnetHTA joint actions.

In 2004, the European Commission and Council of Minsters requested the establishment of a sustainable European network on HTA. This was initiated in 2005 when a group of 35 organisations started the EUnetHTA 1 project (2006-2008), which explored possibilities and key challenges for enhanced transnational collaboration.

Since then, to support cooperation between HTA bodies, the European Commission has made substantial investments. Two Joint Actions (EUnetHTA JA) have been carried out: EUnetHTA 1 from 2010-2012 (budget EUR 6 million), and EUnetHTA 2 from 2012-2015 (budget EUR 9.5 million). Joint Action 1 put into practice effective and sustainable cooperation on HTA in Europe and Joint Action 2 strengthened the practical application of tools and approaches to cross-border HTA cooperation.

A third Joint Action (EUnetHTA 3 with a budget of EUR 20 million) was launched in June 2016, and runs until 2020. Joint Action 3 builds on the lessons, successes and products of the previous actions.