Health systems performance assessment

Call for expressions of interest in membership in the Expert Panel to provide advice on effective ways of investing in health

(2012/C 310/05)

This call is addressed to experts who wish to be considered for membership in the multisectoral and independent Expert Panel ('the panel') to provide advice on effective ways of investing in health established by Commission Decision 2012/C 198/06 of 5 July 2012.

The work of the panel is based on the principles of excellence, independence, multisectorial approach and transparency.

Composition and remit of the panel

The panel will consist of a maximum of 17 members and may associate, at its own initiative and with agreement from the Commission, external experts, as well as experts from other EU bodies to contribute to its work on specific issues. These associated experts participate in the activities and deliberations concerning the subject considered with the same functions, responsibilities and rights as the members of the panel.

Members of the panel are appointed by the Commission on the basis of their expertise in one or more of the fields of competence and collectively cover the widest possible range of disciplines. The fields of expertise are set out in Annex I to Decision 2012/C 198/06 and include:

  • health planning and budget prioritisation
  • health services research
  • hospital and health care management
  • health care provision, and
  • health education and promotion

Members are appointed to the panel for a term of three years and may not serve more than three consecutive terms. They remain in office until they are replaced or their appointments are renewed.

Interested experts may apply for membership in the panel.


Applicants must have:
— a university degree in a relevant scientific area,
— at least 10 years’ professional experience,
— good knowledge of the English language.

This call for expressions of interest is open to experts from Europe and elsewhere.

Selection criteria

Preference will be given to candidates who possess:
— professional experience of relevance for application to the fields of expertise listed in Annex I to Decision 2012/C 198/06,
— experience in policy development and implementation, at regional, national, and international level, with special reference to the health sector,
— proven scientific excellence in one or preferably several fields linked to the area covered by the panel,
— professional experience in a multi-disciplinary and international environment, with special reference to the European context,
— managerial and communication skills, in particular in chairing and organising working groups, and in managing complex information and preparing synthesis documents.

Selection process

The selection process will consist of three stages:
(i) verification of the admissibility of the applications and eligibility of applicants;
(ii) comparative evaluation and establishment of a list of the most suitable applicants; and
(iii) appointment of members of the panel from this list.

A selection board will be set up for stages (i) and (ii), composed of Commission officials responsible for policy and legislation in the areas of public health, health systems and scientific research.

In the process, the Commission will consider the selection criteria; independence (potential conflicts of interest), representation from different geographic regions and gender balance.

Appointment of members

The Director-General for Health and Consumers will appoint the members of the panel from the list of candidates established by the selection board.

The names of the appointed members of the panel will be published in the Register of the Commission expert groups and other similar entities and on the website of Directorate-General for Health and Consumers.


The members of the panel are appointed in a personal capacity. Applicants are required to include a declaration of commitment to act independently of any external influence and a declaration of any interests which might be considered prejudicial to their independence. They will be asked to confirm that, if appointed, they will agree to make both annual written declarations of interest and written and/or oral subject specific declarations of interest knowing that these will be made public.

Workload and indemnities

Applicants should be prepared to attend meetings on a regular basis, to contribute actively to scientific discussions, to examine documents and to make comments during meetings of the panel, to attend workshops and hearings on invitation and act as ‘chairs’ and/or ‘rapporteurs’ of working groups, on an ad hoc basis. Most of the working documents are in English and the meetings are also conducted in English. Applicants should take into account that meetings in general involve preparatory work. It is estimated that the panel will meet in plenary sessions between five and ten times per year. Applicants should be willing to work with electronic methods for the management and exchange of documents and attend video or audio meetings.

Members of the panel and the external experts will be entitled to an indemnity related to their participation in the meetings of the panel and for serving as a rapporteur on a specific question. The indemnities are provided for in Annex II to Decision 2012/C 198/06.

Members will also be entitled to travel and subsistence allowances, in accordance with the rules laid down by the Commission.

Application procedure

Interested experts are invited to fill in and submit the online application form, which includes a curriculum vitae and a list of publications as attachments.

The application form is available at:

The deadline for submitting applications is 23 November 2012.

Only online applications submitted via the Internet link above will be considered.

An application will be deemed admissible only if it includes:
— a completed obligatory application form,
— a curriculum vitae, preferably not exceeding three pages (attached to the application form),
— a list of the applicant's scientific publications (attached to the application form),
— a declaration of interests completed in a true manner (included in the application form).

Supporting documents may be requested at a later stage. All expressions of interest will be treated confidentially.

The Commission will inform the candidates of the result of the selection procedures as soon as possible.

Contact information

For any further information on this call, please contact:

Protection of personal data

The Commission will ensure that applicants’ personal data are processed as required by Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data (OJ L 8, 12.1.2001). This applies in particular to the confidentiality and security of such data.

The Controller for the processing of personal data in the framework of this call is Tapani Piha, Head of Unit D3 of the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers.

For more detailed information on the scope, purposes and means of the processing of their personal data in the context of this call, applicants are invited to consult the specific privacy statement published here.