State of Health in the EU

Voluntary exchanges

Health Ministries across the EU are encouraged to use the analysis and insights provided in Health at a Glance: Europe, the Country Health Profiles, and the Companion Report to inform decision making. With this in mind, voluntary exchanges can be requested with the experts responsible for conducting the analysis, to draw on their expertise, to better understand the issues concerned, and develop possible policy responses.

The voluntary exchanges are organised by OECD and Observatory experts, in cooperation with the Commission, and close liaison with the requesting EU country to allow for a follow-up conversation at national level if and when deemed useful by the country concerned. It allows an individual EU country, or a small group, to explore issues highlighted in the respective Country Health Profile(s), the Companion Report, and Health at a Glance: Europe.

The voluntary exchanges are designed to facilitate dialogue and exchange to provide a better understanding of underlying issues, share best practice and support national policy action if needed. The scope, content and format of each voluntary exchange is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the country and may take the shape of a seminar, workshop, symposium or policy dialogue.

Voluntary exchanges can be requested from the Commission by national Health Ministries and take place over the course of 2018.