State of Health in the EU

Country Health Profiles

The Country Health Profiles give a snapshot of a population's state of health and key risk factors, along with a brief assessment of each health system's performance in terms of effectiveness, accessibility and resilience. The Country Health Profiles are prepared by the OECD and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies in cooperation with the European Commission.

The profiles form the backbone of the State of Health in the EU cycle. Whereas the Health at a Glance: Europe report provides a comparative overview, the profiles offer country-specific assessments of the strengths and challenges facing individual health systems. The profiles use a standard structure and methodology, but the content is adapted to what is relevant for each EU country. EU countries are not ranked according to their overall performance, but assessed according to their national specificities and progress made.

Country Health Profiles 2017

Health status map 4

 Austria: German - English  Italy: Italian - English
 Belgium: Dutch - French - English  Latvia: Latvian - English
 Bulgaria: Bulgarian - English  Lithuania : Lithuanian - English
 Croatia: Croatian - English  Luxembourg: French - English
 Cyprus: Greek - English  Malta: English
 Czechia: Czech - English  Netherlands: Dutch - English
 Denmark: Danish - English  Poland: Polish - English
 Estonia: Estonian - English  Portugal: Portuguese - English
 Finland: Finnish - English  Romania: Romanian - English
 France: French - English  Slovakia: Slovak - English
 Germany: German - English  Slovenia: Slovene - English
 Greece: Greek - English  Spain: Spanish - English
 Hungary: Hungarian - English  Sweden: Swedish - English
 Ireland: English  United Kingdom: English