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Final conference: VulnerABLE: Improving the health of those in isolated and vulnerable situations

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Brussels, 7th November 2017


About the conference

The final conference took place in Brussels (Belgium) on Tuesday 7 November 2017. The aim of the conference was to present the pilot project outputs and disseminate them across a wide spectrum of relevant stakeholders, including those at the local level. More specifically, the objective of the conference was to focus on the results that are critical for policy agendas; act as a platform for broader reflection on the issues at hand, taking stock of the overall results and defining aspirations for the future; and, provide an opportunity to explore the findings from a comparative perspective, drawing on both qualitative and quantitative information, and inviting input from a wide range of stakeholders. Approximately 200 participants attended the conference, including experts from EU Member States, EU Institutions, non-governmental organisations and projects working with vulnerable and isolated groups.


The Vulnerable conference summary report provides an overview of the main messages from the conference, including views of key speakers and issues raised during the following thematic session discussions.

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