Social determinants

GENCAD Conference 2: Gender and health – awareness, facts, and European perspectives

Brussels, 11th October 2017

About the conference

The second GENCAD conference will focus on gender-specific prevention of cardiovascular and other diseases, the awareness and experiences of individual EU Member States and on European perspectives. The aim of the GENCAD project is to strengthen prevention of chronic diseases and to improve patient outcomes through a better understanding of gender differences. Coronary artery disease (CVD) has been selected as an example to highlight such differences of treatment and prevention activities in European countries.

This second conference will introduce specifically-targeted fact sheets for healthcare professionals and the general public on gender differences for coronary artery disease, as well as on gender specific aspects in CVD. The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss gender inequalities in health and how to overcome them effectively. Finally, we will also discuss sustainability, future research and implementation of gender policies.

The GenCAD project is an EU-funded initiative coordinated by a multi-country consortium led by Charité. Organisers: Consortium led by the Charite Universitaetsmedizin Berlin (Germany), Andalusian School of Public Health (Spain), Leeds Beckett University (England), Radboud University Medical Centre (Netherlands), Berlin School of Public Health (Germany), and the European Public Health Association (Netherlands).

Please visit for further information on the second GENCAD conference or contact Nicholas Alexander at gim-office[a]

Programme summary

  • Introduction and welcome: DG Health and Food Safety
  • EU actions to promote gender equality in health
  • Facts and factsheets on gender differences in cardiovascular diseases
  • Moderated round table: Gender inequalities in health
  • Horizon 2020 – Actions to implement gender in biomedical research
  • WHO actions on Gender and health
  • Awareness on gender inequalities in cardiovascular health throughout Europe
  • Moderated round table: Sustainability, future research and implementation in all MS
  • Conclusions

Full agenda


  • Factsheets for healthcare professionals and general public
  • Awareness survey


Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre.
Avenue du Boulevard 17, B-1210 Brussels, Belgium.